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“If you have a phone you have a lawyer”
The Law Offices of William H. Harding  is a full-service law firm specializing in personal injury, medical malpractice, and criminal law.   Our experienced attorneys work hard to provide the best outcome in your favor. We are a  law firm known for providing hands-on service and fair treatment of every client as though they were our only client.

You will receive expert legal representation from the seasoned attorneys at our law firm, with a personal touch. 

The Law Offices of William H. Harding

First and foremost your health matters  to us.  We know that you are  hurting and that this is a difficult and uncertain time for you.   For some this may even be your first accident. This brochure is  prepared to help you navigate through the days ahead so you will know what to expect as you return to normality.



Since your recovery is important  to us we strongly advise you to cooperate with your health care providers and complete the treatments prescribed.

You can expect your rehabilitation period to last from 1—6 months.  The duration of this period largely depends on the severity of your accident and the treatment you need in order to return to feeling like your “pre-accident self.”


Once you complete your treatment we begin the preparation period.  During this time we will contact your medical providers  to obtain all your medical reports and medical bills.  This would also be the best time for you to submit any  medical statements, invoices or receipts acquired during the duration of  your rehabilitation period.  Once all of these documents are        collected, the bills will be totaled  and sent to the insurance company.   The insurance company of the at-fault party is responsible for compensating you for your medical treatment.   You may mail the bills to:Law Office of William  H. Harding
9115 Harris Corners Parkway , Suite 220
Charlotte, NC.   28269
Or Fax then to:  704-919-5620

REMEMBER: It is  your responsibility to let us know who provided your care during the rehabilitation period.   We can not seek compensation for  you if you  don’t tell us who provided your care during the rehabilitation period.  We  cannot submit reimbursements for  providers  you have not reported.


Once we have collected all of your medical bills and records they are organized and assembled to make  “The Demand Package”  The  Demand  Package as well as a summary letter from the attorney is sent to the at-fault parties insurance company.  For example, if your medical bills  totaled $4,000.00, we will demand a settlement amount that covers all of your medical bills as well as extra money for pain and suffering.  Typically, after an  insurance company receives a        demand it takes about       30 days to get back to us with their first settlement offer.   The first offer is       usually unacceptable so the negotiation process begins.   They make an offer; I make a counteroffer, etc.   Once an offer is made that sounds acceptable, or once the insurance company makes their ‘top offer’ (the highest offer they are allowed to make), we will let you know.   If you  decide to accept the offer your case will settle.  If you do not accept the final offer, your case may have to be taken to Court.


Once we have agreed on a settlement amount  it usually takes about 1 week for your check to be mailed to our office.  You will be required to come to the office and sign ‘release  paperwork’ and then we hand you your check. The receipt of your check will conclude your case.

During the entire process we ask that you allow  the process to take its course.  This takes time but in the end we can reach an equitable settlement on your behalf.

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